Tenacore Technology Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 1st July 1997. We became actively involved in business by mid of 2011 focusing on the medical and industrial woven and non-woven items. During the recent years we have grown to become the preferred supplier in healthcare & manufacturing sector in Malaysia.

Services / Clients

We pride ourselves in our diligence in providing before and after-sales services, garnering the trust of companies in various sectors such as:

  • Government hospitals
  • Private medical or health centers
  • Cleaning & laundry companies
  • Manufacturing

(Please see below for our currently supplied clients)
We are always receptive in our customers’ feedback and also welcome new business opportunities. Please contact us to find out if we cater for your industry.


Here at Tenacore Technology our aim is simple and our goals are modest. We wish to build great business relationships locally & globally, ultimately becoming one of the most preferred and acknowledged supplier in healthcare & manufacturing sector in Asia.


To achieve our goals, we supply only products of the best quality while still competitively priced. We are also known for our integrity in fulfillment, giving our customers peace of mind with the following:

  • 1 day order dispatch
  • 3-5 days delivery lead time
  • 100% guarantee to exchange defective items

Our vast product range include:

  • Healthcare & medical disposable items
  • Hospital linens (Bedsheet, pillow cases)
  • Uniforms & accessories
  • Manufacturing disposable items
  • Cleaning equipment & disposable items

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